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Copywriting for corporations and small businesses. Writing for magazines, blogs and books.


I began my freelance writing career in 2001 while teaching and lecturing at the University of Washington, where I earned my PhD in medieval literature. Since leaving academia in 2008 to pursue my freelance career full time, I’ve been writing marketing copy and editorial content for a range of clients and publications, from big corporations to tech start-ups and small businesses.

I’ve worked on books and branding, scripts and social media, ads and articles, emails and ecommerce, web content and catalogs, press releases and product descriptions.

The industries I’ve worked for have been as varied: the coffee industry, outdoor recreation, real estate, executive recruiting, luxury travel, social networking, fashion, health & beauty, and software. Each industry, and each company, had a story to tell, and it was my job to tell it well. I'd love to hear your story.





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